Case Studies

Defining Blockchain architecture for Event Ticket Management Platform


Australia based Client is planning to develop a cloud based platform for event ticket management which provides high level of security with anti-scalping and anti-counterfeit measures and allowing transparency in ticket management lifecycle for event organizers and sellers.


In Australia scalping of event tickets from on line ticket sale is quite rampant. Bots being used to scalp volumes of tickets from the on line ticket selling platforms and such tickets are sold at premium prices at secondary markets. Many instances of fake tickets and duplicate tickets are seen even from the sale of on line tickets. QR code manipulation and tampering with paper tickets becoming a huge issue to handle for the on line ticket sellers.


AltaFuturis suggested initializing detailed requirement gathering which would provide outcome of Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS). This FRS later turned as input for the Blockchain Architecture.

Blockchain technology essentially provides advantages which are completely addressing the challenges posted by client in regard to event ticket management platform. AltaFuturis defined token based Blockchain architecture for managing following needs of client as defined in Functional Requirements Specifications (FRS).

  • Must be permissioned, with admin, sub admin and regular users
  • Throughput of transactions is more important than security
  • Estimated number of transactions can be up to 50000 per token type
  • Each token type is unique, and copies of one token type cannot be exchanged for a copy of a different token type
  • Must be able to initialise a token sale with the creation of a fixed number of tokens, no additional tokens will be generated beyond the start of a sale
  • A user should only be able to perform a transaction through platform, and with proper authorisation
  • If possible, a standard user should not be responsible for transaction verification
  • The encryption algorithm must not be overly energy intensive to solve
  • The token should not be considered as replacement of Fiat currency and should be traded outside of platform


Token based DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) architecture for event ticket management platform was a key factor to get a USP for client in Australia market. It was very much essential that the platform selection and architecture definition needs to be done immediately after requirement analysis as the platform is in need of very high throughput (many times for very popular events 50000 tickets are purchased in first few minutes when sale is open) with scalability (as many concurrent popular events can have sale going on with thousands of uses active concurrently) combined with highest of security against counterfeiting and anti-scalping. AltaFuturis team has developed the architecture using DLT platform Corda 4.0