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Understanding data, business workflow and its treatment in making optimized decisions at any stage of business, is the core of our foundation providing highest quality AI, Data Engineering and Salesforce development solutions to our clients.

Experienced AI, Data Engineering & Salesforce Team

Our highly experienced engineering team comprising of Data Scientists, Machine /Deep Learning developers, Data Engineering Architects, Data Engineers, Certified SalesForce Solution Architects, SalesForce Technical Architects, SalesForce Developers and QA analysts, with rich experience in variety of projects

Innovative Engagement

We have innovative engagement models providing the best of services as we partner with client for the business use case for AI, Data Engineering and SalesForce Development solutions. Such partnership evolves to have innovative engagement models.

Building Trust, Delivering Results

Accelerate business growth in emerging technologies

Our Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering and Certified Salesforce consultants are highly skilled at delivering personalized customer experiences, automating workflow & processes and implementing solutions that have the capability of reshaping the way businesses work.

Partnering with client

Research Driven

Highly focused on delivering outcome on daily basis

Providing highest quality output and high level of business satisfaction.

Passionate Minds, Extraordinary Results

Our Team Members

Co-Founder and CEO

Ganesh Shevade


Mahesh Mutalik

AI & Data Engineering Architect

Rahul Kulhalli

Solution Architect- Salesforce

Pratiksha Shevade

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Data and Workflow Solutions for your Business

Alta-Futuris follows approach to come up with innovative solution in AI, Data Engineering and Salesforce that includes data research and analysis, Engineering with an understanding key business processes and workflows and designing solution with optimizing decision points providing value to businesses.

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