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    Gen AI based Conversational AI, Automation & Agent-Assist Solution for Salesforce and any ticketing system

    Alta-Futuris Solutions has established partnership with Aisera, a USA a leading provider of Generative AI solutions for organizations, providing innovative service experiences for employees (EX), customers (CX), and Operations (OX).
    Alta-Futuris Solutions, a registered Salesforce Consulting Partner is working with Aisera to deliver Conversational AI, Automation & Agent-Assist Solution for Salesforce Service Cloud. The solution offers Salesforce Service Cloud customers best-in-class, self-service virtual assistant, and agent assistant capabilities. By auto-resolving customer support requests, it dramatically improves the customer experience while reducing agent workload.

    Aisera’s Unsupervised Natural Language Understanding (NLU) & supervised guided flows equipped with built-in ontology for various industries can deliver Day One value to customers.


    • Self-service Virtual Agent for Customer Service
    • Proactive User Engagement & Notifications
    • Global taxonomy includes 5B+ intents and 1T+ phrases for IT, HR, Sales, and Customer service
    • Conversational Automation with 1200+ workflows and visual workflow studio
    • Auto-Resolve and Agent-Assist modes
    • Channel Support for Webchat, Email, Voice, Messaging, SMS, and API Seamless handoff to Salesforce Live Agent Chat

    Alta-Futuris can auto-resolve 65-80% of user requests, reduce your average time to resolution by 90% and improve your CSAT scores by 85%

    Please reach out to or for further details or enquiries.