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Who we are

We aspire to become global leaders in helping businesses adopt futuristic technologies and automate their workplaces. We understand the client’s business end-to-end and identify the sectors and processes that can be automated. With our endless innovative mindset, we believe in becoming an essential part of the client’s team and constantly look for connecting the dots with data.

We have a series of different engagement models providing the best of services as per the client’s needs. These models can also be customized for specific project needs, allowing the client to manage the project risks effectively.

We also collaborate with leading PaaS providers and industry forums for continuous research and advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering and Salesforce with an aim of understanding technology directions as well as new areas to which such future defining technologies can be implemented.

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Why Choose Us

Partnering with client

Alta-Futuris team engages with the client as a partner and ensures that we address the risks that the client is facing from the solution coming out of evolving AI, Data Engineering and Salesforce. We help clients to understand and realize business value while engaging with us for solutions in these emerging technology sectors.

Research Driven

Team AltaFuturis constantly gauges market dynamics and latest trends which would bring value to the client in terms of devising solutions to client for AI, Data Engineering and Salesforce technologies. In many aspects, the team strives to provide optimum solutioning considering client business and the market they are operating in.

Outcome Based

AltaFuturis provides the best-in-class AI, Data Engineering and Salesforce development services having the best of talent from the industry which are highly focused on delivering outcome on daily basis for every client. The entire organization is tuned in to deliver business value and success for our client as the technologies keep on changing continuously.

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Our Team Members

Co-Founder and CEO

Ganesh Shevade


Mahesh Mutalik

AI & Data Engineering Architect

Rahul Kulhalli

Solution Architect- Salesforce

Pratiksha Shevade

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Data and Workflow Solutions for your Business

Alta-Futuris follows approach to come up with innovative solution in AI, Data Engineering and Salesforce that includes data research and analysis, Engineering with an understanding key business processes and workflows and designing solution with optimizing decision points providing value to businesses.

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