Client – The client focuses on preparing students for elementary, middle school and high school education. Its faculty and students are committed to impacting society and to results that make a difference in the lives of individuals, couples, families, schools, organizations, companies, and nations.

Problem Statement

  • The Client, a career college, wanted greater visibility into its inquiry – generation process to more effectively market to potential students and boost admissions
  • With 40+ separate locations, a lack of visibility into the admissions process prevented the college from improving the process
  • The moment someone clicks on a Web interest form and the moment college contacts that person correlates directly with enrollment success, visibility to real-time information was paramount
  • The college required a CRM solution that could easily integrate with NetSuite to link marketing, inquiries, and enrollments


  • The client chose Alta-Futuris Solutions to implement Salesforce CRM for its ease of use and ability to fully integrate with Client’s back-end systems with NetSuite; the school deployed Unlimited Edition of Salesforce to 1000+ users with integration to NetSuite.
  • Solution integrates all up-front inquiry generation via vendors, direct mail, and the Web site into Salesforce CRM; determined by workflow rules, auto-response emails are then automatically delivered.
  • Dashboards help drive customer success and allow the senior management of school chains to know exactly how many inquiries were generated during a given time and where they came from Real-
    time reporting expands dashboard information for customizable fore casting to Marketing function of the school.
  • With bidirectional integration into Oracle FT on the back end, for student enrollment users simply click a link in Salesforce CRM; School administrative function validate the information and payment
    verification, which is then matriculated in NetSuite; real-time synchronizations ensure information is updated in both systems.


  • 100 % visibility into the marketing and enrollment process.
  • 80% effectiveness of marketing dollars of school at eleven campuses.